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Have any of you guys had shirts or pants made at Hong Kong Tailors?
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Punisher population pudding lol I use Nutribiotic Rice Protein and plain egg white protein from (super cheap if you order 10lbs at a time).
Quote: Originally Posted by turbozed Starting Strength 2.0 Do that for a while. Squats will be tough to get down right. Go youtube "Squat RX" Perfect your form before you go heavy. I second the recommendation for perfecting your form. Small errors in my form in any of the SS exercises makes the weight feel A LOT heavier. It's taken me about two months to get everything down...
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete Fastest to the trigger. Haha! It's the blackberry. I get the ding from my phone before I actually receive the e-mail notification. Anyways, online's the only way, according to the Engineered Garments website, which lists the stockists. Sorry. Oh well..
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete ^^^Online. I've given up on that. I've got about a 10% success rate ordering clothing online.
Quick threadjack: Where is the best place to purchase EG in Atlanta?
Quote: Originally Posted by db_ggmm I don't see a good way to connect "no" to those four different questions and have a logical conclusion, but ok. Neither do I.
+1 Everyone should see it.
I'm in the market for ass & thigh friendly denim. Thanks for the thread. As this thread is a little old...are there any new suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by EdenResident FAIL. +1
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