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Cantarelli Boglioli
Quote: Originally Posted by MiniW Well, bumping this to the top. Here's my brand new Alden Indy's after some special treatment with Pecard's leather dressing. Enjoy. Damn! I was set on getting the brown Indys from Blackbird until I saw these.
1mg Ativan + one scotch is the magic combo for me
Price dropped to $449. Vass Monkstrap
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp Anyone know what last those c&j's are on? Is it the 325? Yep you're correct. 325.
Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota Grey suede, brick sole? Sure, why not. +1 Any retail estimate?
I wear a 43.5 in the U last, 43 in the F last, and a 10 D US. The F is slightly narrow and would most likely fit you. I don't notice any difference in the heel between my F and U lasted shoes. In fact (for me at least) both lasts fit pretty similarly once the half size difference is accounted for in the U. Hope that helps.
C&J for Polo Cordovan Chukka 10D Vass Monkstrap 10D/43EU Thanks!
This is most likely way too new but just in case, I'm after this flannel in a large: If you can find it I'll purchase it from you immediately.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vernon-Dozier Can you post pics? I don't like the color of the standard but am curious how they appear after 3 coats of Obenauf's. Thanks! I'd like to see this too.
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