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Quote: Originally Posted by walneal Hold your breath guys,something different MHKGM Take those back immediately.
Quote: Originally Posted by apocalypse later Exercise. Drink water. Don't smoke or eat like shit. Do yourself a favor and forget all that bullshit you posted. +1 Although using an exfoliating washcloth a few times a week apparently works well..
Thanks guys!
Vass P2, Cognac Scotchgrain, Double Sole, Double Stitch
Vass Chukka, P2, Cognac Scotchgrain, Double Sole, Goyser Stitching
Quote: Originally Posted by kolecho U last runs narrow, so most people size up a half size. That's what I do.
Tom: I sent you an email regarding shipping a pair of Vass boots for me..
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Randall, tall black gentleman with glasses, is the best dressed man in that store....if not Atlanta. Is also a great guy to deal with, really good eye for things. Randall is the best dressed person I've ever seen with my own two eyes. He's also one of the reasons I worked at the Lenox RL for a short stint.
Where did the shoe damage posts go? Aportnoy are you ok?
Quote: Originally Posted by Axelman 17 What colors are each of those Vass? Antique Cognac - U Last Budapest Oxford Dark Brown - F Last Monk Strap Oxblood - F Last Old English II Quote: Originally Posted by nate10184 I'm always amazed at how pristine your shoes look. What is your secret? I condition regularly and use trees and my shoes look great but never as good as yours. I honestly think I just have a...
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