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Quote: Originally Posted by Grayland Very boring responses. Fixed.
Quote: Originally Posted by why Polinquin's an idiot. Read his stuff if you're stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean and have otherwise lost all sense of humor. Who might you suggest to read then?
Quote: Originally Posted by scugger you should be totally fine then Thanks man! Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 read poliquin. not a big fan of cardio, asdide from HIIT Yeah I know HIIT is the recommended form of cardio for weight lifters. I may cut my 30min jogs to two and add one HIIT session.
Yeah I'm in decent cardio shape. 30 min isn't hard at all. I just enjoy jogging and like to save my intense efforts for the weight room.
Thanks. That's what I thought. I'm making killer progress in the weight room right now and I don't want to halt my progress at all which is why I was asking.
Will three 30- minute jogging sessions a week have any impact on gaining muscle weight or strength? I'm guessing no, but I'm not certain and would like to know what some you guys think.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nescio Seeing Marcell from Koronya in Brooklyn this afternoon. Thinking about getting this chocolate last 801. Gorgeous U-inspired last. Please keep us updated!
Quote: Originally Posted by A Guy from Shanghai ^^ wow, sublime. Interesting, this is the first time I saw a storm welt not done with 360 degree. I already posted this pic but just to give another example of a Vass storm/goyser welt:
Damn!! Vass kicks so much ass I can't believe it. That's one of the sickest pair of boots I've ever seen.
I can't do cardio or lift weights without a meal or two in me.
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