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I like certain models from just about all the good makers.
I've heard nothing but good things about Trueprotein.com and shady rumors about Proteinfactory (they operate out of an animal feed store??). The problem is, Trueprotein is a lot more expensive for the same products. For instance, for 5lbs of egg white protein (including shipping) from both companies: Trueprotein: $80.34 Proteinfactory: $63.22 Does anyone use Proteinfactory products? If so have you ever had any issues? Or are there any other bulk protein places...
lol I've got a tarp on it right now and when it rains hard it STILL leaks.
My house needs a new roof so I'm forced to put my new Vass boots up on ebay. They haven't been worn past me trying them on when they arrived. As I state in the auction, I will be re-ordering this exact same pair when finances allow. For the time being I must let them go. Vass Chukka Boots
What I meant when I posted this was a well made military style watch. Most genuine Panerai's are too big for my liking.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bumble_Bee I must say JLP have a relatively informative website compared to EG. This includes the EG Japan website, which is way better than the English version. http://www.edwardgreen.jp/ Damn I didn't know about that EG Japan site. They should just translate that for their USA version.
Quote: Originally Posted by Philosoph I had to resort to google to decode this. Am I doomed? lol I had no idea what it meant either..
Quote: Originally Posted by henluc Thanks for the kind words. St. Cris is my favorite, better in my opinion than say Vass. I sold both pairs of Vass that I owned because after one wearing the leather looked as if I had worn them 25 times. All three pairs of my Vass look almost brand new despite being worn constantly.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector Vegetables are better than fruit since they create less of an insulin spike in the bloodstream. So eat your Vegetables & Fruits, not your Fruits & Vegetables. +1 I get a lot more energy from vegetables than I do from fruits. edit...wow just realized how old this post was..
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