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Quote: Originally Posted by boxdiver Wait let me get this straight: You'll spend $500 on a pair of shoes, $1000 on a winter jacket, and $2000+ on a suit, along with various other items that cost over $100, but there's something wrong with using a $50 creme that will last 2-3 months and protects your face? So it's more important to pose as if you're rich to impress others than to take care of your face and not age faster than you...
Save up and get a Vitamix. It's worth it.
I'd avoid using this company if I were you. I ordered a boot and needed to exchange for a different size and it took weeks and several unprofessional emails from them that finally resulted in me requesting a refund. Also items often disappear/reappear and erratically change price on their website. I certainly won't be ordering from them again.
I pm'd this question a few days ago but never heard back... Is there a restock planned for the Blue Pinpoint Oxford? I'd probably need a Large.
Quote: Originally Posted by mob I second that. Just get this book and follow it rigorously. See the wiki as well; Most people don't do it right which is hwy they don't see any gains (muscles etc.). I don't know why this isn't common knowledge by now. I've been doing it for the last four months or so and have put 100 lbs on my squat. I've almost got my work-set weights up to 225...
Quote: Originally Posted by dport86 There's no free lunch. I've bought 3 pairs of seconds from Shoemart, and while I find them to offer very attentive and reponsive service, beware the much proclaimed observation that you can't tell the difference between seconds and firsts (or that they are all some minor cosmetic flaw). For e.g. I had a cracked shell shoe (which they did take back). This is a major flaw which happens when cordovan is stretched...
I like the P2 last quite a bit myelf. It's very elegant in person.
Quote: Originally Posted by Keroberos At that price, may as well buy C&J through Plal or Pediwear. Much higher quality and better styles. Quote: Originally Posted by Charlie's Wardrobe hmmm I'm usually a J.Crew fan but is it me or do they look really clunky? It also may be the picture but the leather looks very dull with not much lustre at all. I think you could do much better for $300ish. +1
Do any of the basics ever go on sale? I like the "secret wash" favorites and need some in solid white/blue.
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