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Looking for Gant Rugger Polos and BDC shirts in XL Thanks!
I'd be down for both of the double faced shirts if they weren't double faced lol. I always roll up my sleeves and really wouldn't like a contrasting pattern. Is there any chance of offering either of those two shirts with just the plaid pattern on both the outside and the inside? **forgive me if this has been mentioned somewhere else in this thread...i went a few pages back but don't have time to read all 80+ pages
I'm friends with and have been trained by one of the dudes who started the website. He's an absolute freak show when it comes to natural strength. All he does is eat, drink milk, and squat/press/deadlift/bench. No supplements. Here's a pic from his powerlifting meet this past weekend. He's the type of guy supplement companies don't want you to know about. Everything he accomplishes is from food and training and that's it.
Doing some closet cleaning on ebay: http://shop.ebay.com/team76/m.html?_...&_trksid=p3686 Thanks!
lol nevermind..
On ebay Thanks.
All on ebay. Thanks. Stuff
thanks for the replies
I've got american apparel, alternative apparel, gap and j. crew v-neck tees. So far the j. crew broken in tee is my favorite. I plan on trying their Jaspe Tee soon. Any others I should look at?
Quote: Originally Posted by knittieguy Looks like you've barely worn them. If I might ask, why are you selling them? Your answer is in your question I don't wear suits that often at all, so these just sit in their box.
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