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I'm a creature of habit.... Krew Comb Spry toothpaste Lush 'I Love Juicy' shampoo Speed Stick Lilac water
My sizes: Suit/Coat: 42R Pants: 36W Shirt: 16x34 Shoes: 8.5E Been looking for a vintage overcoat or carcoat, preferably black and preferably wool/wool blend, 3/4 length would be great, but I'm sure that'd be too much to ask. Can't seem to find one on eBay. Also have an NOS pair of 5-nail Florsheim LWB, black pebble grain in 9D. Would like to trade for same in 8.5E.
Quote: Originally Posted by retozimmermann Those are not Oxfords Brogues are a type of oxford.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff love longwings. would own 2 dozen of them if i could. X2 And what's wrong with My Three Sons? You can keep your dainty Euro shoes. Gunboats FTW! BTW, that is one ugly truck.
Find a pair of shoes you like and have them dyed. Not the cheapest route, but sometimes you have to pay a bit extra to get what you want.
I'd love to have an NOS or near to it pair of black shell cordovan Florsheim Imperial longwings in 8.5E Also, a pair of Levis LVC 1966 jeans. And, a nice Thick as Thieves black suit. Wouldn't mind a pair of black captoes, but haven't seen any I like.
Anyone know the whereabouts of Jack Newcastle, formerly of Kingston '66? I liked what he was doing, but he just up and disappeared.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar That's better...Black brogue/wingtip look better with a sleeker shape... I hate the boxy black wingtips...They're just plain awful. Well, there you are. I think the 'sleeker' ones are just plain awful. Dainty like women's shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by auto90403 The classic wingtip from the 1960s and 70s is a very American looking shoe. Once you start buying British or Italian shoes, including their version of a wingtip, I doubt you'll ever go back to those clunky American-made ones. Heresy! Quote: Originally Posted by auto90403 To me, wingtips scream Dan Ackroyd dressed up as a middle management munchkin. I'd wager that's a...
Would love to add a pair of 8.5 EEE Kenmoor V-Cleat longwings to my collection, preferably black pebble grain.
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