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Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 I say without... Maybe it's because you are smiling in the pics without facial hair, but you look much more lively and youthful in the pics where you're cleanly shaven. If I saw you with a goatee like that I would expect you to have a western european accent and a predilection for postmodern art. cool. clean it is. It's funny you say that since I'm writing my thesis on postmodern art. I guess I'd rather...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gradstudent78 Free clinic in chicago for anyone that wants to give it a try. I have a friend that swears by it for helping with his back pain. where?
Hey everyone. I'm in college. I have been growing some facial hair over break, and now comes the big decision. To keep it, or not to keep it? I have a receding chin and a big, hooked nose. My own judgment is that I look better from the front clean-shaven, but the profile demands some hair. If you think the facial hair's better, what about the style/ what haircut do you think would go? Thanks in advance!
Quote: Originally Posted by DeusExa I just changed the thread title to "Semi-Casual", since I just realized that semi-formal terminology meant pretty much formal, not what I'm actually looking for. Basically, I'd like to see suggestions for what further lies in "semi-casual" attire, (right now, all I wear is polo/solid dress shirt + designer jeans). Also, it's getting chilly here, so some outerwear would be fine too. I browsed around and this is...
What's on his neck? (It's Rimbaud). Whatever it is, it's cool looking.
my instant reaction too. I noticed that he has Kyle Mclaughlin button up for Blue Velvet too...
I am in need of a really warm coat to get me through my first Chicago winter. All my friends are buying hideous northface parkas, but I was looking for something more stylish (though affordible). I came across this padded jacket from yesstyle. Do you think it looks warm enough? What's their return policy?
How warm?
i like the american apparel one i have; it's slim and waterproof, what more does one need?
I want to buy some thermal henleys from American Apparel, but I hear that they are really long with over sized sleeves. I'm 5'6 and 100 lbs, should I get XS or XXS?
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