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Quote: Originally Posted by edubs01 Is my best bet to go to a Levis store and try on either the 501s or 505s to figure out what size I would be in LVC to order? Any tips for finding out your size? Should I just find a pair that I can button comfortably and then icrease by 2" to acccount for STF? There would be no point in trying on regular levis and then trying to extrapolate from that your LVC size. LVC sizing is all over the map. My...
Pm sent on lighthouse tartan.
^ I had a similar problem. I just received my 47s from cultizm yesterday. I ordered a 36x36 think it would measure a hair under 35 inches measured in the waist. However, they actually measure about a 36.5. I think I received a 2009 47, I heard they were going to be back to tag size for 2009. Looks I am exchanging and hoping they can find a pair that measures 34 pre-soak
Pm sent on the top jacket.
I am interested in pictures as well!
PM sent on the shirts
^ Thanks! I sent you a PM.
Do you or does anyone else know how the Mocs are sized compared to Quoddy boat shoes?
Sent you a pm
PM sent on xx-008
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