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Are there any L slim fit tiger fleeces? If so, I'll buy one off you
Thanks! I know you probably swamped but I just you a pm about the medium tiger fleece.
Are the tiger fleeces slim or classic fit? Thanks!
I've got two different pairs of Chippewas and I'd say they run a half size large. I am a true 11.5. I have one pair in an 11 and one in a 11.5, and the size 11 pair seems to fit much better.
^ Maybe its just the angle of the photo, but your legs look really short
Quote: Originally Posted by mc25 Do they purcells fit size exactly, or small or large? thanks FWIW i have the j crew purcells in grey and I think they fit about a half size large. I'm a true 11.5 but got the 11s and they worked for me.
Sent you a PM
Anyone have any experience w/Barbour sizing for the Bedale? I'm guessing they are a bit oversized...but any help would be appreciated!
Sent you a pm on the hanovers assuming they are still available!
Sent you a Pm on the EG coat Thanks!
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