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Thanks! I'll have to check it out next time I'm down in Austin.
Did you happen to catch which LVC models they are stocking?
Quote: Originally Posted by mechanical pencil So Cultizm says that the 55s run 1 inch above tagged size in the waist (32W= 33 actual), and Farinellis lists waist measurements at 2 inches above tagged size.... Could this LVC sizing shit get any more confusing? In my experience cultizm measures their jeans without aligning the waist, while many stores (BiG) measure the waist with the front and back aligned. So this might account for...
PM sent
How would you say the Bel Airs fit?
What size are the browns?
Does anyone know of a place in the Houston, Austin, or Dallas area where I could try on a pair of Indys? Thanks!
The fit on those pbjs is spot on, you should keep them!
Thanks, sent you a PM
Are these new? Any measurements? Thanks!
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