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PM sent.
Thanks for the heads up! Just got a pair of the tankers.
Is there an ETA on the NST boots? I'm trying to decide whether I should hold off buying another pair in the interim. Thanks!
I think I remember reading about a natural chromexcel NST boot that Epaulet was going to roll out. Is there any truth to this rumor? Thanks!
Bump for a quality seller!
Bump for an awesome seller. Buy from this guy--you won't regret it!
theyare is a wonderful seller. Prompt and polite with communication and a fast shipper--highly recommended by me.
Do softer shouldered jackets, sportcoats, etc. fit larger than coats with more structured shoulders? For example, would a coat measuring 17.75 fit with soft shoulders fit larger than a structured coat with the exact same measurement? Can this even be generalized? I hope this makes sense.... Thanks
Pm sent on the 2761's.
Long shot here....but I am looking for a Polo Grant Soft model Navy sportcoat in a 40R. Would also take anything similarly designed in any other color. (unstructured, patch pockets, etc.) PM me if you have anything. Thanks.
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