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Either the regressive sale has been a smashing success or a smashing failure.   This morning half of my Dream Box is gone -- not 'sold out,' but gone entirely, as if the items have been disappeared from the database.
 Thanks! Have refined my search terms and realized that many items I want match up internationally after all. Another issue is that USD and EURO prices are out of alignment, but not sure if, for what I want, the proxy workaround results in real savings.
The London has a suite setup with the sleeping area partitioned off by French doors.  The CTDA members have used the London successfully for many years.
PRESIDENTS' DAY SALE AT MACK11211   TODAY ONLY -- 33% off everything in the store.   This includes dozens of sack coats and suits, and scores of NWT J Press items.   Again, this is TODAY ONLY.   Find all the goodness here:  
This week:  NWT J Press trousers, Brioni cashmere, Sulka, Loro Piana & Dunhill bespoke, Alfred Sargent chukkas, moar:     NWT $165 RALPH LAUREN PURPLE LABEL italy SILK PAISLEY TIE 3.5" or 9 cm olive                   $3000 WHITCOMB & SHAFTESBURY london england BESPOKE BLUE BLAZER 40 us 50 e SLIM                   BIG SALE NEW nwt $300 J...
Did anyone ever find a workaround to get items listed on foreign yoox sites? The same brands have different national selections, another way in which yoox passeth understanding.   FWIW I'm in the US and eyeing things on UK or Italy.
CLOSING SUNDAY NIGHT NWT J Press, BB tweed sack, Rubinacci, Luciano Barbera, Master Coat, John Varvatos, more!                               BIG SALE NEW nwt $1100 J PRESS BLUE SACK BLAZER 44R us 54 eu southwick TOP LINE                   NEW LUCIANO BARBERA italy wool CASHMERE striped TIE 3.6 in 9...
[[SPOILER]]  I am selling a similar piece right now, made bespoke in Holland in 1927.  So I'd say interwar generally.
French American has done good work for me as recently as November.    If you are out of town and have to work by mail, you might also try Without A Trace in Chicago.
  If you can get downstate in person, try visiting Tip Top Fabrics in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  You may not find this exact thing but you will find dozens of things that are equally delightful, all for about $20/yard.  Two yards should suffice for most sizes of shirts.
New Posts  All Forums: