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Final hours! Dozens of auctions close at 10 PM EST!Find them all here:
RLPL cashmere, Savile Row bespoke, Luciano Barbera Sartoriale, Alan Flusser Custom on ebay (150 items!) Dear Folks: This week a new selection of tailored clothing from the best makers in England, Italy and the USA. From Italy, cashmere coats made by St Andrews for the top Sartoriale line of Luciano Barbera, a tan twill topcoat by Canali, and a three piece striped cashmere suit made for Ralph Lauren Purple Label. From England, a classic blue rope-striped suit by...
FINAL FINAL HOURS ALL REMAINING AUCTIONS close this evening! Find them all here: http://www.ebay.com/sch/mack11211/m.html
Greens and oranges can be worn well by men, at least European men.No, it's not a "regular men's outfit," but sometimes in one's wardrobe, or in one's merchandising, a little irregularity can be nice That said, I have a bright orange long coat (of another wool cloth) and wear it rarely. A green loden cloth coat, not too far from the Casentino forest green, I wear more often.Perhaps NoMaWA will offer more colors in future seasons.
Will there be pretty colors? Hope so.Don't make me shop like there's no NoMaWA!
FINAL HOURSon all these auctions!
Really? If I were JL, I'd sue.
Just looked on the site: no Lobb, but some "Lobb's" brogues in black or dark blue. Rubber soles. Perhaps a casual line of JL. Logo font is same as JL, so there must be some relation. I don't know construction method or original pricing.
Brooks sack tweed, Phineas Cole, RLPL cashmere, Alan Flusser & Savile Row bespoke on ebay (150 items!) Dear Folks; This week, fall is coming inm with worsted and tweeds from classic Brooks to Savile Row bespoke to Italy-made RLPL Wool, lambswool, alpaca, cashmere -- it's all here. Also note the pair of handsome vests from RLPL and Atlanta's Edgar Pomeroy Starting bids are low and always include domestic shipping. All auctions close Sunday night 10 PM EST. Some of...
Autumn flannels & tweeds, Savile Row bespoke on ebay (150 items!) Dear Folks: This week, a choice selection of flannels and tweeds from the best American and English makers. Labels include Fallan & Harvey and Wealeson & Legate of Savile Row, as well as Polo and Paul Stuart stateside. Also don't miss the fine tweed sack coat from Ajemian, a haberdasher to the Eisenhower-era horsey set of New Jersey (check that label!) Among them: WEALESON & LEGATE savile row BESPOKE...
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