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GIANT NWT J PRESS SALE over 200 items with SPECIAL FORUM BONUS Dear Folks: The upload is complete: Over 50 sport coats in sizes 40S to 48L. Retail up to $850. My price: $99.99 for any one. A selection: Find all J Press items...
Those tattersall patterns are more traditionally used for odd vests, but you could do a SC I suppose.Also depends on the pattern size.
Brooks Brothers used to have three departments that did what we call customization. The was full custom/bespoke with the 'custom' label, and also with the main line there was the 'special order' department that was MTM. 346 was a junior or starter line, with no relation to the current outlet store house label. "Special Cutting" was MTM for 346. I've sold a lot of mainline and 346 tailored clothing from this period and it's hard to tell the difference.HSM held a very...
BIG SALE on NWT J PRESS suits, pants, more! Over 75% off! Dear Folks: Many J Press items now listed, Some auctions closing this evening, for instance: NEW nwt $745 J PRESS OLIVE GABARDINE SUMMER sack SUIT 44 XL us 54 eu NWT NEW $395 J KEYDGE x J PRESS france BRIGHT RED HEMP SACK BLAZER 42 us 52 eu Find all NWT J Press items here:
40% OFF SALE AT MACK11211 HAPPY 4th OF JULY! Dear Folks: Happy 4th of July! Celebrate with 40% OFF over 200 items! Through Sunday. Find the great coat below and all the other items here: http://www.ebay.com/sch/mack11211/m.html
FINAL HOURSAll auctions end this evening!Find them all here:
Visvim, Andover Shop, Domenico Vacca, vintage Abercrombie, Zegna, Paul Stuart, Joseph Homme on ebay (250 items!) Dear Folks: A fine list this week, with a large helping of Trad wear. Sack coats from Cricketeer, J Press, and Southwick for the Andover Shop. English style is repped by a rare Ralph Lauren blue label coat in checked silk. Sack suits from several lines of Brooks. There's also a summery sage green lightweight number from Paul Stuart, and three size 38...
Just email mtm on the contact page.
Kent Wang has a London branch, where Kent sees people personally. It's not on the website yet, but if you email them you can get the information.
Brioni led the export wave of Italian clothing postwar. Their first runway show at Pitti was in 1952. By the mid 1950s, their RTW was sold in dozens of American department stores coast to coast.Re: CIfo doing RTW again, good luck to them.The survival of the bespoke operation depends on how much time the proprietors reserve for it. it's a matter of management, organization, and ambitions.In the past, many SR houses had licenses in the USA and/or Japan. The Japanese ones...
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