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Hey folks, all 120+ auctions end TONIGHT 128 auctions end tonight before 10 PM EST! Dozens are still at $9.99 with no reserve and free shipping! This is my biggest sale of the year, a giant clearance -- NOT TO BE REPEATED! Find all the listings here:
In that case, the bluster is all yours, and derogative by definition.The OP stumbled at the gate in not disclosing his promotional relationship to the tailor. This has no reflection on the tailor's work, and the tailor himself was wise to stay out of this thread. Why the OP has not posted further I have no idea, but it is reasonable to infer he was burned by the experience.The more recent poster/tailor client has ordered three suits for starters. Would I, or many of us,...
MACK11211 NEW SEASON SALE: 100 items start at $9.99! Dear Folks: This week, as many have already seen, nearly half my listings -- 100 items in all -- have started bidding at $9.99, with no reserve. These items range from the popular and the classic to the refined, exotic and obscure. You could get a great shirt, coat, suit or pair of shoes for less than the cost of shipping. There is also a selection of fall tweeds from English bespoke houses like Tobias Bros....
Like unbelragazzo said, only I would recommend the darker gray suit with the white shirt and the small-print-on-dark-ground tie. Rehearsal dinner says evening, so dark suit, light (probably white) shirt, darker tie. Nothing black except perhaps socks and belt/shoes, but keep it simple. Try to make it elegant. You'll be (half) the center of attention, regardless of what you wear.
If the discount requires you to make a first time order of several shirts, be wary. Best to make one first, see how it fits, and then get more based on inevitable tweaks to the pattern. That's how CEGO has done it for me. So the BB discount may be no bargain.
New season, new year -- let's make some space! 100 items start at $9.99! See them all here
Close of Summer 50% OFF SALE and 15 auctions END TONIGHT! Ending tonight 10 PM EST! All these tasty items are 50% off! And these auctions end too! The complete list of auctions: SHIRTS LOT OF THREE (3) GITMAN BROS CHECKED DRESS SHIRTS 16.5 35 42 eu shirt store LOT OF TWO (2) BROOKS BROTHERS point collar PLAID NON IRON SHIRTS 16.5 35 us 42 LOT OF THREE (3) LL BEAN Faconnable POLO RALPH LAUREN L/S shirts sz L TROUSERS & JEANS $175 RAG & BONE usa...
Anderson & Sheppard, Rag & Bone, J Press, Polo RL on ebay (250 items!) AND 50% OFF SALE ENDING TONIGHT Dear Folks: This week, an choice selection of coats and suits, with labels like Polo RL, J Press, and Savile Row's famed Anderson & Sheppard. Starting bid are low, and include free shipping in the US. Also, my summer clearance is underway, with 50% off over 150 coats, suits, shirts, shoes and other items. The sale ends TONIGHT at 10 PM EST. The auctions end Tuesday...
Don't know the brand, was just noting its availability online.Handwork in shirts does not matter to me so much. If I get it, in Truzzi for example, it's nice, but if I get a RTW shirt I most want a decent fit and a singular fabric (like a floral print) or finish. Any standard fabric shirt I would rather have made to my measurements.But, back to Florence. Any more shop info for the OP?
For those who can't get to Florence, yoox has a fair selection of Danolis.
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