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I remember that store. That's how Soho was cool in the 80s and 90s before it became a mall. NR was on Spring St between Bway and Mercer. The only time I could afford to buy their stuff new was at the closing sale in 1999, but last week I won an auction for a NR vest with striped piping
Closing this evening35 auctions close this evening!Find them all here:
Golden Age Apparel Arts, Alan Flusser Custom, Fallan & Harvey, Paul Stuart, Hickey Freeman, Polo RL Paul Smith, etc on ebay (250 items!) Dear Folks: A great list this week. Suits from Alan Flusser's own master tailor, John Tudor, in a vintage worsted he saved for himself, with others from Bernard Weatherill, Paul Stuart, classic BB and contemporary Marzotto and Giorgio Armani's top Borgonuovo 21 line. Coats from the Flusser Custom shop in windowpane worsteds and...
Like this?The man can dance.
I round down to list in the next even size. I don't list in odd sizes; fewer people look in them. If in doubt, choose the smaller size for the listing. Guys complain more often if a coat is too tight than if it is too loose. And of course always include both measurements and original label size in the listing, while noting that pre-owned garments may have been altered, etc.
Suit size measures two to four inches larger than the chest of the man wearing it. My standard is two or three, but it's useful to be more generous with larger sizes like yours. With six hours left and bids on the auction, there is not much you can change.
Dept of "The Good Old Days -- They Were Terrible!" An illustration from a story in the Spring 1933 Apparel Arts on how your shirts may be sewn with contract prison labor. Chain Gang Tailor, anyone? Now listed here.
Golden Age Apparel Arts, Alan Flusser, Jay Cole Man, John Varvatos, Kevin & Howlin, Brooks Brothers MTM tweed, Chipp, Paul Stuart, Burberry, more! (225 items!) Dear Folks: This week, a select two dozen fantastic items. Suits from Paul Stuart, Martin Greenfield, and Alan Flusser. Some fabrics are amazing -- check the purple and tan striped worsted in the Alexander Julian, and the vintage stripe that Alan Flusser's master tailor, John Tudor, made for himself. Coats...
There is a news hook. From the story:
by WSJ's dependable menswear writer Ray A. Smith SF's own Carl Goldberg @Shirtmaven quoted midway through. Story, with audio and video
New Posts  All Forums: