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Without going too far off-topic, let me correct this correction.The last good Huntsman RTW was sometimes made for them in England by the old Chester Barrie, and sometimes made for them in Italy by someone else.Current Chester Barrie, as RJMan notes, has little in common with the old except some intellectual property.Some of the old Chester Barrie staff & skill survives under the deliberately CB-sounding name of Cheshire Bespoke, still made in Crewe, England.Back on topic:...
The DB jacket detail shots include a client label with his name on it, so it's bespoke. Suspect it's the same DB coat, it' s just hard to see the herringbone at that resolution.
Domenico Vacca, RLPL velvet, NWT Oxxford, Alan Flusser Custon on ebay (300 items!) Dear Folks: This week, a giant selection of items from the Alan Flusser Custom shop, with more to come. Listed now: about two dozen dress shirts in superlatively silky smooth broadcloths and rich twills. These shirts retailed for $450 and up. My prices start at $35. Also new: two RLPL velvet dinner jackets new with tags, one black and one blue. And a super 140s tan gabardine suit made...
For those of you who want some Smalto bespoke on the cheap, I'm selling one here: Made for the same client as the one JefferyD dissected. I've sold hundreds of bespoke coats, examining them all. The Smalto really is a beautifully made garment.
Each has points, I guess. SS outfit fits throughout, and is completely coordinated in the classic way. On the other hand, it looks as if he never wore it out of the clothing store in which he took the picture. TTO has a coat that both fits well and looks like it has actually been worn in his actual life. On the other hand, the way his jeans widen at the sides make him look like he's wearing denim jodphurs. A well tailored coat can improve on nature; well-cut pant can...
The coat colors appear to be blue, gray, black and brown. White shirt and gray trousers always works, as suggested above. But the shirt could also be in a pastel like pink or peach.
Suit coat sizes correspond to the chest size of the wearer, not the measured size of the coat itself. So if you have a 38" chest, a size 38 suit coat should fit you. The chest of the coat will measure 40-42 inches, usually. Outerwear such as a trench coat, even when it is sized like suits (38, 40, 42, etc) is sized to fit over the suit coat that is over your chest. It could measure 44-46 inches. In S-M-L sizing you are probably a S. Best practice is to go to a store...
FINAL HOURSAll auctions end Sunday night 10 PM EST!(30% off sale runs 26 hours longer, ending midnight Monday EST)Find all listings here:http://www.ebay.com/sch/mack11211/m.html
For Drake's sake, I hope it's not Caerlee.if it is, they will need a new supplier because Caerlee just went bust.
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