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The point that eluded me was why anyone would use the Essence Magazine "concierge team or your lifestyle manager" to book an appointment with any one of the shops mentioned. Why not just call or email them yourself? How much hand-holding do these people need?Crompton never presented himself as an expert on French tailoring specifically, but as a menswear expert who can write in English for a general interest publication, he is in the top rank. Plus he's already a...
CLOSING TONIGHT AT 11 PM -- yes it was supposed to be 10... Are two dozen items! Over 200 more are in the fixed price listings. Leading the charge this week are a super wool-cashmere herringbone suit from Paul Stuart, a 1950s style drape tux, and a green tweed from Norman Hilton, plus a rare workwear-inspiration National Park Service uniform coat from the 1930s. Starting bids are low. There is no reserve on any item. Domestic shipping is always free. Some of the...
Kinda doubt he would wear a uniform from a joint called "Meyer's"
Simon Crompton of Permanent Style has written a short article about a day trip to Cifonelli, Camps, Corthay, Berluti and Charvet for Essence magazine of London. No relation to the American one, I think. Essence has a concierge service, or perhaps is one with a magazine attached. Not sure of the point here, but Crompton has deep knowledge of the subject, and works in progress at a few houses. Plus the pictures are beautiful, for instance:
Here is something unusual:Cotton twill uniform coat, early 20th c. Label is from an outfitter in Washington DC. May be uniform of the National Park Service in the 1930s. Not sure. Any ideas? The last image in the hidden section below has the original label.Many great details. [[SPOILER]]
Golden Age Apparel Arts, BB OCBDs, Duchamp, Zegna etc. on ebay (200 items!) Dear Folks: Just a dozen auctions this week, but the headliner is a superb Apparel Arts volume from 1933, with Technicolor-rich illustrations including this one by Laurence Fellowes. It's included in the video for 'Elegance in the Age of Crisis," the 1930s clothing exhibition at the museum of Fashion Institute of Technology here in NYC. GOLDEN AGE APPAREL ARTS esquire V3 #4 Winter 1933...
For some deep vintage, check this Apparel arts story illustration arguing that everything new in the 30s (spread collars, plaid suits etc) is just a reheat of the 1890s: Ebay Listing Photo archive
A picture from your fitting:
Is Carl strong-willed, or are you weak-minded?
A suit vest should have a satin back, usually the same as the coat lining. Fabric backs are heavier, warmer and harder to move in. You usually see them on more rustic vests worn as outerwear.
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