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Don't know the brand, was just noting its availability online.Handwork in shirts does not matter to me so much. If I get it, in Truzzi for example, it's nice, but if I get a RTW shirt I most want a decent fit and a singular fabric (like a floral print) or finish. Any standard fabric shirt I would rather have made to my measurements.But, back to Florence. Any more shop info for the OP?
For those who can't get to Florence, yoox has a fair selection of Danolis.
Trad sale at mack11211 Trad aficionados may want to check this list of specifically trad items among the fixed-price listings included in my 33% off sale: BROOKS BROTHERS classic trad HOPSACK SACK BLAZER 43 44 L us 54L eu 1963 LORD OF NEW YORK trad BESPOKE peak lapel COAT 42 L us 52 L eu BROOKS BROTHERS classic trad SHADOW PLAID green gray SUMMER COAT 44 L us 54 L eu 1963 LORD OF NEW YORK trad BESPOKE GRAY striped sack COAT 42 L us 52 L eu BROOKS BROTHERS classic...
Anderson & Sheppard, Nino Corvato, RLPL/Chester Barrie, Oxxford, Luciano Barbera, agnes b on ebay (250 items!) and 33% OFF SUMMER SALE! Dear Folks: This week, an amplified late summer and early fall selection of coats and suits, with labels like RLPL, Oxxford, NY bespoke master Nino Corvato, and Savile Row's famed Anderson & Sheppard. Starting bid are low, and include free shipping in the US. Also, my summer clearance is underway, with 33% off over 150 coats, suits,...
Thanks to all for advice. The shoes are mine, now. Brand is Barrett, as sold by de Corato here in NYC. I will see what I can do with them, and report back.
One odd thing so far is that Len Jr is the man behind the suit, but Len Sr is the only one posting.
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How much can this be corrected? Possible remedies include stripping it all down and starting anew, or...just applying polish carefully to minimize the contrast. Shoes are not mine; I would tree my shoes. Who has had experience with this?
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