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Good point----he is dead. He will be judged by others and speaking ill of the dead is bad Karma!! DONE..
In one week it will be "Steve Who".... The man could throw a football but he got in trouble with the "little man" as is too often the case but this time he got shot for it. He won't even get a courtesy mention this fall except by some of his type of people who live the way he did---feel sorry for the kids who looked up to him!!! Feel sorry for the shame his family is going through but the world will not miss him----one more degenerate gone. The whole story is not...
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger well, is rush limbaugh had true toughness he wouldn't be a drug addict, but there you go Diversion and avoidance of the issue is the liberal trademark!!! /
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan For people who are so shallow that being an athlete is all that matters then I guess that applies. You hit the nail on the head!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano This post has been copied from the dictionary as an example of the term "talking out of your ass." +1 LOL----wait until all of the facts are in---then we can discuss how well you enjoy Crow!! He bought the 20 year old Tart a nice Caddy----he is married and from what I have been able to find out he could not keep it zipped. Some people are blinded by the aura that follows sports figures....
I believe the Kenyan Citizen and his Regime of Liberal Pundits will fail period. I have been in cash pretty much save a few option plays since Sept of 08. Will keep most of my money on the side but will still do some shorting because it is the way to go with the incompetent Boobs making emotional politically expedient fiscal decisions.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Korean military service is only two years and doesn't require you to leave the country, nor does it put your life in danger. This is just laughable. At any minute the building you work in could be crashed into by a hijacked airplane. At any moment, NYC or LA could go up in smoke from a nuclear attack, driven in by a truck. I felt more free in South Korea than I do in the USA, for reasons Eason outlined....
Would think that living where she does that she got tired of the liberal scum in the rest of the country making her life hard----not a tough as I thought but we will see.
Why is anyone surprised??? When all of the facts are known, it will have to do with something illegal. Maybe his wife found out about the boob not keeping his fly zipped or maybe drugs. It will all come out in the wash. You can take the dirt out of the bag but it will still always be a dirt bag. The guy could throw a football and now somehow he is revered?? Takes a lot more than that but don't get me wrong it is a horrible thing to happen but if you run in those circles...
Kanada----(go there as the Company requires only) Any predominately Rag Head Country The really liberal "whack job" parts of this country like some of the Northeast and the Land Of Fruits And Nuts out West.. Why spend my money to help people or causes I detest.... Try and spend my money to correlate with my political and personal views when at all possible.
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