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I have two on hand ONE LEFT and will only be available for a limited time. Pricing these staples (that are rarely ever discounted) for a low price for a quick sale.
Pricing these staples at a low price for a quick sale. Measurements: Waist - 16" Inseam - 29.9" (With additional 2.5" fabric to let out) Leg Opening - 9"
Brand New Without Tag A.P.C Raw Denim For Sale Rescue Fit (Straight Leg, Selvedge) Size 28 and 29 (2 Pairs) Available Selling for $110 shipped anyway in the CONUS. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Size 28 Measurements: Waist: 14.5" Inseam: 33" Outseam: 43.5" Leg Opening: 8.5" Size 29 Measurements: Waist: 15" Inseam: 34.75" Outseam: 44" Leg Opening: 8.75"
What kind of polish did you use?
Are bags included on dec 8th?
Apologies, scratch that about measurements. I would prefer having more fabric options (with 3D rendering) as opposed to modelling photos.
1) In terms of fabric, I'd like to see more bengal stripe options. Different collar selections would also be great; I'd be interested in some cut-away collars. 2) I'd like to see some three-piece suits and glenplaids. 3) I'd prefer seeing more fabric choices using 3D rendering. We all have different body types, so how a garment looks on one model may vastly differ from how it looks on the customer's body. Measurements in addition to fabric photos will be...
Dump it, not worth the price of reweaving.
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