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BRAND NEW CORNELIANI POCKET SQUARESFirst Come First Served - Limited Time ONLY!Important Note: The back side of each pocket square has a security sticker. I advise against removing it, as it may cause a stain to show as per the last photo below. Leaving the security sticker on does not affect the functionality of the pocket square!CLICK SPOILER FOR SECURITY TAG PHOTOS [[SPOILER]] Group 1CLICK SPOILER FOR MORE PHOTOS [[SPOILER]] Group 2Group 3CLICK SPOILER FOR MORE PHOTOS...
This is from the mainline 1818 collection.
Just a hair.
I wouldn't say that the jacket fits really slim,. I'd say a true 36. This is definitely for those with a smaller frame or athletic cut.
Apologies, it's a 42L Madison Fit.
Solid grey, fitzgerald fit.
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