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Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer Kangaroo Chestnut Comfort Craftsman Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharpe my replacements. Seem ok? They seem a little bulbous to me - some craftsman seem more or less sleek than others. Maybe I just haven't seen a CC in a while, but these craftsman might be bordering on CC Bulky? Hope not. I could well be imagining it or being too picky. They're probably fine. IMHO they look just fine. Really handsome. Enjoy! When I got home from work today, Monday, my Blaxlands from...
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer what shoe trees should I order? is a boot tree better? does it really matter? I use both shoe and boot trees. I'd go with the full heel Epic. Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by whistler They are Versace. I bought them today and am deciding whether I will keep them. Lose'm Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by Astronaut888 Pretty new member to the forum here.........can't seem to post a new thread, even though I have been active since mid July. I have a pair of RM's that I got off of Ebay for my father and they are too small for him Don't seem to recognize the style, but I am looking to get rid of them Size AUS 7H Would love to post a for sale thread - but too dense to figure out how. Here is a link to some photos on...
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid Hi, I can't find anything about saddle dressing in that topic. Could you direct me to a part that talks about it? It is over 100 pages long, hence why I made this topic. Start here and browse forward: I use RM's Leather Conditioner in combination with their polish. Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid Is this stuff good to put on shoes when you first get them? I read in one thread that someone applied two coats to new shoes and then left them for 24 hours, then two coats of polish. Apparently it made the leather more soft. Anyone any experience? Check out the RMW thread. Tons of posts about this stuff and more: Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid I might stand out a bit though having knee length socks AND a cutaway shirt... do you think I might get arrested? Well, for anyone to know that you're wearing knee length you'd have to take your pants off or be wearing shorts and for that you should be arrested. Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by freakydog Hello everyone. Im quite new to these type of boots and I've been looking for a pair for a while now. Mostly, I have been looking at the Comfort Turnout, Comfort Craftsman and Gardener. I live in sweden so they need to be able to withstand hard winter conditions, considering our winters here ( a lot of salt and so on). Which one of these would you recommend? As I've mentioned a few times above I live in...
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith The Baxter Boot Company is particularly upset at you, amce I know, I know but winter is approaching. I crave that composite sole. I refuse to put a top-sole on leather. Will save the B's until spring. Cheers
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