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For me a Chelsea has to be a whole cut. For excellent quality, acceptable price point and a boot that you can wear on all occasions my choice is RMW or HBC. Looking for mega elegance (and an empty bank account) choose G&G or JM Weston. Cheers
You can read about my experiences with Viccel here: http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...2&postcount=72 Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by amce Have tried my Viccel OTC's. I have always been a little wary of cotton socks but I must say that I like these. Quite sheer, in mercerized cotton, they fit nicely and feel good. Hard to tell that your wearing long ones. I've tested two pairs, both before and after washing. Unfortunately they do slide down over the calf a couple of times during the day. Reported this to Viccel. They suggested that I might have a longer calf...
Quote: Originally Posted by freakydog Odered a pair of comfort turnouts from bootsonline a week ago which now seem to have got stuck in customs. Annoying......... Looking forward to the arrival though, can't wait! Check your pm Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharpe .....but it looks more like the leather is dry - possibly old stock that's been sitting around for ages? You can see the manufacturing date on the box. I always condition my boots out of the box before first use. On one of my CC's I had a sole with what you might call "an asymmetrical lip". I popped into a RMW/C&J retailer who has an in-house cobbler when I was in "the Big Smoke" and he fixed that with a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggen Hey guys, got another question. Just realized that i had another option of aquiring the shoes since my mum is currently doing some post-graduate work in Brisbane. So I was thinking of asking her to bring a pair or two back home from there. What I'm wondering is if the prices are the same in the stores as on boots online and if the R.M Williams store is the best place to go in Brisbane or if there is another place that...
Quote: Originally Posted by whereswally? Three months and four pairs of boots later, I finally have a pair of Whiskey boots which are of acceptable quality. Nice. No big fan of whisky (as a colour, that is) but these are handsome looking boots. But the quality of your photos is amazing. And intimidating. Don't think I'll be posting what I call pics anymore. Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by Corniche Where to buy shoes trees ther than CedarVille or Woodlore. Those two refused to sell me by being european Thanks This seller does overseas deliveries (have no experience of them): http://www.onecedarlane.com/ Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by SpeedBird So what pair number is this Amce? Seven. When I've finished conditioning the B's (this weekend), I'll use five in my daily rotation. Two pairs are for "finer" occasions. Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer ok, never mind about the shoe polish, I found this post just a few back so I'm going to do that. I guess my other question is what "tools" do I need, if any? apply the conditioner with a towel or with a brush? I don't have anything in 'roo. Just yearling, mock croc (don't know what the base leather is here) and French veal calf and I now use RMW's conditioner and polish exclusively. My routine...
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