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Quote: Originally Posted by Sixth_Sense I'm purchasing from bootsonline a pair of chestnut Macquaries. I'm trying to go for a sleek, moden polished look and from what I've been told the Macs are the way to go. You can checkout my chestnut Macquaries (leather-soled) here: Cheers
Fun idea, but don't forget that a considerably large portion of forum members weigh kilograms and footslog through life metre by metre. Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier I am a little displeased with mine so far. After two washes, most or my pairs are fraying/coming unthreaded at the top. The colors are still vibrant and gorgeous, but that won't do me much good if they unravel I was getting ready to buy the winter socks too, but not sure that it's worth it. I'm certain Kemal & Co. will sort this problem out for you. Their after-sales service is nothing but...
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer question #1 is, do people wear their RM's in the summer? I live in Boston fwiw. I live in southern Sweden, more exactly 56°12′N 15°17′E, and I wear mine all year round. Well, not at the moment 'cos we have half a metre of new snow outside Cheers
Doesn't matter how well off you are. If you let someone charge you €500 for two shots of vodka then you're a f***ing idiot. Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by Sixth_Sense Is the Macquarie waterproof? I wouldn't use them as waders . No shoes or boots with a sewn leather sole are waterproof. Water resistant to a certain degree maybe. Water can always get in through the junction between the sole and the upper. As long as you condition the leather in an appropriate way and, as I said above, don't wade, they'll resist water. Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by Trompe le Monde visiting the london store tomorrow how much should i expect to pay for a pair of veal calf leather? A boot in veal calf is only available as a MTO option. Imagine that ordering at the RMW store in London will be expensive. Your best bet is to check out the onlines stores: Bootsonline or Nungar. Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is the difference between the Craftsman and the Macquarie? As far as I understand it, it's all in the last. The Craftsman is on the B543 which means the chisel toe. The Macquarie is on the B555 with the narrow medium toe. The construction is the same. Cheers
Definitely the RMW. It's a wholecut. Cheers
Check out this post for some toe comparison pics: Cheers
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