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Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith I don't own an RMW boot yet, so it's hard for me to say. I'd say they're very similar, the HBC possibly a little flatter as well, but I can't say for sure. Sorry I can't be of more help on this matter. Hopefully others here can chip in with some more specific info. I'll try and take some close-ups of the Comfort Craftsman toe with my crappy digital camera over the weekend. Wraith, maybe you could do the...
Why this fascination with RMW's (and Baxters for that matter)? Good looking footwear in quality leathers? Well constructed, handsomely crafted, with a combination of dressiness and ruggedness? A whiff of the romance of the Outback? I think all of this. But also some down to earth practical reasons. Some wisdom from the OP back in 2006: Quote: Originally Posted by Sator Bingo! That's exactly how a pair of good boots should fit - hard to get into but...
Quote: Originally Posted by DECEMBER halp. please. Sorry mate. I know nothing about American sizing. Maybe the sizing info in the catalogue will be of assistance. Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by sammy Does RM Williams make cordovan boots? I have two pairs of craftsmen in yearling (chestnut and whiskey) but find that they are easily scratched. I'd like to order a pair of Stockmans but in a thicker and more durable hide. Any suggestions? Don't think so but they have other options. Check pages 90 - 107 in the new catalogue. Lots of info. http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/...9#/a1a2d879/92 BTW, there's...
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith btw, did my info above prove helpful to you, amce? Yepp, thanks. I'm on the fence at the moment. Decisions, decisions................. Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharpe I just can't decide between Black or Chestnut... I think the chestnut looks better by itself, but black would probably go with more things that I have at the moment... Chestnut i'd wear with my blue jeans etc, black i could wear with other stuff.. What to do... Get both. You need to be able to rotate anyway. Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharpe Ah a fellow melbournite. And awesome - thanks for the address. I assume they sell the boots in-store there too? Hopefully be able to check it out next week. I've never been there myself but I'm sure they do. I've only done online business with them. Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by jasonmarshalljazz i do mean lowest. I'm guilty of looking for a quick answer. These are all Aussie sites. Check them out http://aussiebushhats.com.au http://www.bootsonline.com.au/ http://www.nungar.com.au/ Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by jasonmarshalljazz where can i find the best prices for these boots right now? Depends on what you mean by best. Lowest is not automatically the same as best. Check out the on-line stores. Google away! The ones that I know of are listed in many of the posts in this thread. Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharpe I guess I just wanted to know why the online prices are so much lower than in the RMW stores. Are they older stock that sit around for longer? I'm in Melbourne so shipping wouldn't be a lot either. Can't answer that but as you're in Melbourne (my old home town!) why not visit bootsonline's brick-and-mortar place: Boots Online - The Stitching Horse Bootery Shop TG/6, COMO Centre, 299 Toorak Rd South...
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