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Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Feeling a bit splashy Colors came out a bit oversaturated, but... [[SPOILER]] I love the pocket square, where did you get it?
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius69 Why would you want an orphaned double breasted suit jacket? causal wear with jeans? authentic or not?
Dear users, I need your help, I want to purchase this jacket from e bay but I am skeptical that its authentic. I have attached the link above. Thank you again,
Thanks everyone for the replies. My suit jacket size is a 40R and my sleeve length on my shirts are 25.5. It looks like from the consensus that I should really just go try one on. thanks everyone and if you see a trench that you think I may be interested in please let me know.
Does anyone know how burberry trench coats fit. I was hoping to get a trench coat i could wear with a suit but would like one that is not overly baggy. My suits are all tailored and the last thing I would like to do is look like a rectangle. Thanks in advance for your posts.
Is this watch still for sale
Looking To Buy A Filson 257 In Tan New Is Possible
Who makes the jacket in the first picture thanks
Who agrees that entourage should be a hour long. It seems like each episode is over with in 30 minutes. I am so glad that E is done with that fake olsen twin. From dating Sloan to her is a major decrease in my book. Also, who else knew that turtle was actually dating Jamie Lynn in real life
Get a Sunnto watch. They look sweet and are actually made for working out. If your serious about working out then your going to have to get a digital watch. When you workout seconds are important and you need something with a digital gage to keep you on track. This watch also has a heart monitor which i recommend using.
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