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I read on Ferragamo's web site once that when shoes are new you should wear them briefly at first. Sounded like a good idea. Before that I'd given my new shoes a polish and then wore them all day (proudly.). So now I wear them for an hour or three while at the desk and then go for all day later in the week.
I would think twice before applying edge dressing and certainly shoe polish to the briefcase. The stuff may rub off on your clothese as you carry the bag. I would go with taking it in to a reliable shoe repairman, and the rest of the time using neutral polish, if appropriate for the leather.
Shipton has a USA site for shoes and boots that sell for less than $270, plus $20 flat shipping from the UK. This seems like a great deal. Several of the boots look really good. What's the quality like for these shoes? How do they compare to C&J, AS, "Peal" (Brooks Bros), and other good English shoes? Shipton UK's site for US customers
Prior to a trip to Mexico  I was reading about tequilas. Was suprised to see the recommended ones costing $30 and up. I don't mean to dismiss tequila lovers, but that's getting up to the price of single malts or VSOP cognacs. I'm not sure I'm going to get a comparable enjoyment for the dollar from tequilas as I do from these other spirits. However, I'm willing to give it a try. Any recommendations for moderately priced tequilas? I'm thinking of trying Gran...
Horsey (horsie?) jacket by Loro Piana bought retail, but it's gone up 30% in $ in two or three years since purchased. Infrequently a fedora or cap, when bought in season. Can't think of many other retail price purchases. Oh yes, I buy food at retail if necessary, and pay full price at Chinese restaurants.
Quote: As a kinda-sorta newbie here, what store is H & K? Hilditch & Key, a Jermyn St. store. Here's the link.
I have a pair of beautifully brogued, dark brown E. Green shoes. They will soon need new soles. I know all the local shoe repair stores and they're not up to the job. They're RTW, bought at Neiman-Marcus on sale a few years ago. No idea what I paid but I am sure they were really inexpensive for Green shoes, maybe below or a little above $200. I'd love to ship them to the factory but considering what I paid it's hard to justify the cost, which is 120 British pounds plus...
Quote:  restaurants? What type do you want? Fancy, moderate, cheap? American or Texas cuisine. First of all, check out the Chowhound website. Here's the link to the Texas page. Inexpensive: Sonny Bryan's, but only the location on Inwood (near Parkland Hospital). Get the barbecue sandwich and onion rings. I've gone in there with a suit but am much happier eating when not too dressed up, since you sit in little school desks and slop bbq sauce all...
Hidden button downs are a pain to button, noticably more trouble than the "regular" button downs. It seems they're more trouble the older the shirt gets or the tighter your collar becomes, too (ahem).
Going to Mexico, may want to bring back tequila. Scotch is my drink but I'd like to take home a bottle of good sipping tequila. Suggestions?
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