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I just relisted this one. Now for GBP 239.00.
I just got the Field Jacket in Navy. Boy, that's one of the best jackets EG has ever done IMHO. Right up there with the best pieces from the SS2006 collection (still my favourite one). The length is just right, not too short. My only quaint little issue is the sizing. EG never seems to stick to their own standards. I have to try everything from M to XL to make sure I get the right size. The Field Jacket is running a little small. I usually have a lot of room in Size L,...
I'd love to see the new outerwear, especially the "Ground Jacket".
woah dude you gotta get those photos online one way or the other
Sold here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...m=220217958083
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I'd say that, if anything, Engineered Garments has a stronger "Americana" identity then they did at it's inception. When we were doing the EGxSF belts, Daiki told me that they used to do the belt in all sorts of crazy materials, like Ponyskin, for the Japanese market. I think that with the introduction to the NA market 4 years after it started for the Japanese market, EG has actually gone back to more true to Americana...
I guess the problem is now with EG getting a lot of attention from GQ Magazine and the likes, the "fashion" crowd who usually buy Prada or other "glamorous" brands are getting on to it. They have other expectations for what they want to spend their money on, and the mindset is more like "if I spend a huge amount of money on a piece of clothing, it better be perfectly steamed and immaculate". I never had the experience in either Japan or Europe when I bought EG - the...
Is it true the new Binocular from S/S 08 fits smaller than the Wool one from Winter 07/08? I heard the news ones in XL are like the previous ones in L. But I can't confirm it myself because the next EG carrying store is a 2h flight away.
Can someone help me - I was wondering if the Shawl Collar Sweat (see pic) fits big or small. In EG jackets and shirts, L is fine for me, while with sweatshirts it's sometimes either L or XL because the sleeves are very short. Thanks!
Hi guys, I have a brand-new, never worn Engineered Garments beige trenchcoat from Summer '07 here. I bought it but out of a bit of too much enthusiasm even though the color beige is really no good for me as I have very light skin. Now, I want to either sell it OR swap it with the black one, preferably also in NWT condition. If you happen to have the EG trench in Black, Size M or L, and want to get rid of it, please contact me. Of course, if noone is willing to swap, I...
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