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Pictures will help.
If they are ear earbuds, like this, of course:
It's simply a reference for what appeals to me. With suits, the lowest jacket button lines up with a belt buckle that is in turn concealed by the jacket's quarters.When I wear odd trousers that have much less rise than my suit trousers, I usually do not wear a jacket.In both cases, I suggest be guided by what a tailor wrote here earlier, your own comfort, and what appeals to you visually (balance between your leg and torso lengths).
Not for me. Also, when I wear an odd jacket, an 11 or 11.5" rise lines up the lowest jacket button with my belt/waistband, which IMO looks balanced.
The rise on my odd trousers is minimum 10.5". Any less than that I find to be uncomfortable. The rise on my suit trousers is closer to 11.5". I am about 5'11", 31-32 waist, and I think I have a slightly long torso/waist.
Slewfoot offered helpful descriptions of how Vass 43.5 F last fits him:
Maybe he's here today:
I gotta have *funk* straps - just not those ^.
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