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could you please provide measurements?
Friendly notice to international buyers: even though shipping is included, duty isnt't. From my experience with Grapevinehill on international shipping (I reside in Canada), you receive a nasty Customs & Duty bill by FedEx.
Pm Sent.
Could you please post more/closer pictures of the fountain pen, in particuliar of the nib?
I knew I should not have logged on this afternoon. I love the pink Borrelli jacket. I have something very similar to the Cucinelli too. Great jackets!
could you provide measurements for the Façonnable shirt?
I'm trying to find an excuse to buy it... might as well start smoking I bought the Bulldog Palladium edition a year ago for my grandfather. He adores it. Very good lighter !
Could you post a picture of the "hole" on the John Varvatos Cardigan?
theyare - quick shipper, good communication and as advertised merchandise. Recommended.
What size are the AE suede #12?
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