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The sleeves are VERY short at 23.5 inches. Most sleeves are 26 inches long and allow for shortening.The style of the jacket is outdated. Low gorge on the collar, low chest pocket, long distance between low chest pocket and low sitting hip pockets.Go ahead and post results from a few days. Spoo knows his auctions and pricing.
god bless the seller. no one in their right mind would pay more than $500, max.Spoo - link to the A&S jacket please.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master Shake There were a couple of great Asprey sales. Some amazing stuff at even greater prices. There were a couple of sample sales at Soiffer Haskin, but they had a huge one when they closed down their shop in Trump Tower (replaced by a Gucci store). That sale was epic, with everything on an entire floor, with stock from pretty much every department, massively discounted. I walked away with a huge haul a couple of times...
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo Nope, the one being sold is much nicer +1 to that. Why the OP sold this jacket is beyond me. You keep stuff like this, and pass it on to your son.
just PM: mta265; he already said he'd buy them for what he sold his pair for last year @$225. have a go at it.
past paypal window. =(. Trying to work with the seller to resolve, want to be fair.
^ perfect summer shoes. got them on ebay?
Quote: Originally Posted by eddievddr10 That asprey sale might have been the best sale ever, i think aportnoy bought an entire wardrobe there. this will never happen again. When was the Asprey sale?
Quote: Originally Posted by PhiloVance Yes, definitely pre-meltdown. I went back and checked my email - I have an email from a woman who was working the register at the first one dated 4/15/2005 . . . edited for decency: i know this is so nervy- but after you signed the 'sample sale'mailing list--- i decided to do so, too... and happened to *notice*you signed right above me... and wanted to drop you a note (perhaps as you had hoped? or am i crazy?) i...
glad you love the shoe shine - something for everyone on EF!
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