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Really? You guys pluck your white hairs?
10 minute walk through a park to my studio. I do sometimes miss the subway commute. It was a great way to get some reading done / learn a new language, etc.
Same thing happened to me after 3 months clean. Damn Old Friends!
Can I use this as my avatar?
Concerned by the # of posters who are trying to get rid of their RWs in this thread.... Why? I was interested about a year ago, but they always seemed to bulky for me. Though these look nice Quote: Originally Posted by Astronaut888
Unless I'm at the beach, I haven't worn open-toed anything since SF.
Man I love those Elgg chukkas above .... But I suspect the OP got the brand wrong. There's no mention of them anywhere on the internets. Elg?
Man, I found this coat XS at a local store and the fit / cut is amazing. BUT it's $800 and I'm not so excited about the fox-fur. Any suggestions for good winter parkas that fit / look like this and don't break the bank?
[/quote] ^^ Is that a chickensfoot button?
patch is garish and disgusting. you should get a discount for advertising.
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