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PSA: Amazon has some Stumptown models available for 20% off and Prime, so 20% off plus free two-day shipping. Probably haven't seen a better deal on first-quality Danners.
Thanks.If I wore my brown shoes (I never owned black shoes before this, just brown), it wouldn't be a thrift fit since I bought most of my stuff at cheezy retail before I discovered the world of "pre-owned."The jacket hasn't been to the tailor. I will take it when some of my other stuff is ready for pick up.
first ever thrift fit pic seasonal beard (free) bb super soft herringbone sc (9.99) blue ocbd (1.99) bb makers tie, unobtrusive pattern (0.99) chinos (5.99 + 7 in tailoring) belt (retail) basically like new park avenues (standard ebay bidding war price)
what size, bro?
not to do too much ebay talk, but i closed a transaction outside of ebay. as in, someone made me an offer via msg and i told them to e-mail me. we arranged paypal payment as well as shipping. i'm guessing this is not okay by ebay's tos, but i'm honestly not sure. i started reading the tos but it is too damn boring.
I have seen these around as well and dont recall google or ebay.completed giving any answers. I do think we get a ton of cool stuff down here from Latin America that is high quality, often handmade, but no ebay/sf value.
was going through my phone and came across some of the stuff i have passed on recently. should i go back and try to kop any of it? sorry for the poor photo quality. they are all cell phone snaps [[SPOILER]] also, this may be a dumb question, but i can't find the answer myself for the life of me. i often see fairly high quality garments with this tag (from suits to ties) and don't know what it is. anyone care to enlighten me?
nothing big here, just forgot to post about two french cuff charles tyrwhitt shirts sized 17.5/36. one is staple white still very bright, other is thin blue stripes with a yellow stripe interspersed, iirc. will pass on at cost as i picked these up as a favor for anyone on here that could use em.
green machine, looks like we hit the same thrifts down here in 305. i am usually thrifting in scrubs. if not, i'm a plain white dude (rare in thrifts down here). holler if you spot me.first up, a couple handrolled ps, no markings anywhere [[SPOILER]] next up, an insanely cool, old BB tux shirt. got some yellowing etc, but no fraying (may try the vinegar/oxyclean trick... unless that is contraindicated or someone wants it and wants to try it themselves) i am posting...
I left an old Pinstripe db Luciano barbera in charcoal and same db pinstripe Oxxford in navy maybe 44 or 46 in good condition. both unvented. Trousers pleated. Okay to leave stuff like that? Might post some cool finds later if I get a lil more good stuff soon.
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