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Would a razor blade help? I sometimes take it to my wool pants when there's pilling.
I've seen this (unbranded) pair of Goodyear-welt shoes at the local thrift shop that looks nice, but it looks like the previous owner has worn through the sole on the toe tip, so much so that the welt is also worn though a bit. Can this pair still be re-crafted? I'm guessing the welt can't be easily replaced.
How much would a custom-sized 2010 DR be? Is it the same as the stock sizes? PS: Is there a complete list of lineup, material, sizing and pricing that is current and updated? The unofficial website is now horribly out of sync and I've just spent a afternoon searching thorough this thread for the above info, but I'm still unsure I got every available option.
Picked these up today, the Grey/Green version of the Flight Jackets. These are really nice with nylon padded uppers. The canvas chucks always fit a bit weird for me... 7 is too loose and 6 is too tight. These in 7s are just right. Any other chucks also padded like this?
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Looks amazing, PM sent!
I havent seen a single SF-approved review on these. Someone needs to bite the bullet and find out if they're the Real Dealâ„¢.
There's of course Gravity Pope, but they can get fairly expensive compared to sale prices you find in the US. Plus off-sizes are scarce.
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