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^^please send me measurements on the uniqlo if the guy above didn't cop
Sounds like only the white jacket is 200, the rest remains unchanged. Why no shoulder measurements?
Does brand new TOJ lamb leathers smell like Windex to anybody? Mine kinda smelled like that for the first few weeks, and now it just smells like "leather". In unrelated news, I'm now addicted to sniffing Windex.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mlksg Been lurking around for ideas to update my wardrobe and give it some edge. Finally took the plunge out of my comfort zone with a pair of pants that isn't a jean or chinos. Yeah or nay? What's the shoe? I need a pair that looks like that.
Love the axe Jab
Does anyone know if Alden ever does any MTO stuff? I missed out on the pre-order of the Epaulet x Alden black suede chukkas and I've been looking for this EXACT styling: But I normally wear 7D AEs and the remaining stock at Epaulet starts at 8.5 (barrie last nonetheless) Or if anyone knows of a similar style from other makers, please let me know. Pretty much looking for the combination of black suede/nubuck, unstructured toe, un-dyed stacked heels.
Quote: Originally Posted by trd6478 by ribbed do you mean wifebeater-esque fabric? By ribbed tees I meant Ribbed Tees
I actually wear Ribbed Tees as a normal tee. Works great for athletic builds IMO and very form-fitting. Ribbed texture makes it look less like an undershirt.
Are the sleeves too long? I imagine that's the only reason a too long shirt would be bad. Exactly how long are they? BR smalls should be okay for 5'8" (I'm 5'7")
Perhaps a pic would help? IMO it depends a lot on the particular pieces you have.
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