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I have the same questions as the above posts
I have a relatively small feet (7ish) that is highly arched. The top of my foot actually looks like a mini-mountain range with the way my bones stick out the top of my feet. This had always made finding well-fitting shoes difficult for me. Small shoes would fit me well in length and width but the vamp wouldn't be tall enough to accommodate. I have a pair of AE parks that laces up with a ridiculously wide V at the top despite fitting perfect in every other way. I'm posting...
How tall are you?
Everlane's gonna release their weekender bag next weekend, that'd probably fit your bill.
^^^ Horizontal axis label is flipped from the Japanese vesion, lifestyle should be on the left and fashion on the right
It'll really help if you make your flickr photos public
I got this from the big giant head of the temple himself around this time last year. It's got a great run this year and I've worn it quite a few times. Now I'm ready to try out something else as my main leather piece, so I need to find a good home for this. This is the standard look of black lamb with gunmetal hardware. The measurement is a slightly shortened 46. Here's what Charly sent me: shoulders, front 17.2" shoulders, back 16.7" chest...
For sale is the W+H wool tweed down jacket from last year in grey. I picked it up at the sample sale this year and just decided that it's just a bit too long for me (I'm 5'7") after wearing it a bit. Worn twice to the office, so basically as new. I think this will be a great fit for anyone 5'9" and a true medium. Note that this seems to be a true "sample" as laundry tag indicates. Also as all W+H down jackets it's made in China. It's kind of hard to describe how nice the...
Last year Man of Moods made this relatively SW&D friendly melton wool trench coat: http://blueowlworkshop.blogspot.com/2010/10/man-of-moods-melton-wool-trench-coat-in.html Is anyone making anything similar this year? I've scoured some of the usual suspects (Rakuten even) but can't find anything that looks even close.
New Posts  All Forums: