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Nice bag
Really depends on what industry and what your experience is. A foreign face doesn't really mean much anymore. If you've got some special skills that locals don't have you'll be alright. You can check out some job websites to get a feel for the market or just contact companies directly... If you're more senior just contact a...
Width? Whatup. "Best Beef: Kent Wang"
Did you win the Bubba's BBQ contest? I saw a Kent Wang on the winner's list. If so, congrats!
Anyone have any updated recommendations? Looking for a mid-range price, ideally under 3k RMB per suit.
You probably just bought an iPhone 4, so get rid of your old iPhone by selling it to me. I'm back in the U.S. for a few weeks and I want to pick up an iPhone. I don't need the iPhone 4, just looking for a 3GS. 16GB, 32 GB, all ok. No scratches, good condition would be ideal. Let me know how much you're looking for and we'll work from there. Thanks
Chinese drivers are the worst in the world. I fear for my life every single day here. The one positive is that people here have a high level of tolerance for bad driving, so you don't see too much road rage. If any of these n00bs tried driving like this in America they'd get mollywhopped.
For music, events, bars, etc. check out The bar at Captain's Hostel does have a good view, but isn't that great of a crowd. Bar Rouge is a lot better, but more expensive. For really good cocktails Constellation is alright, but El Coctel just opened and is better in both drink quality and atmosphere. What type of nightlife are you looking for? Expensive bars with great views, 100 RMB all-you-can-drink bars...Chinese clubs where you can drink...
Spam hippies...
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