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Justin, you look great in this outfit! I like the fabrication of the sweater; the degrade effect looks innovative. I like how the sweater is peeking below the hem of the jacket; it makes you look relaxed. The sleeveless jacket is great especially for spring and summer because it's not gonna make you feel too warm, and the single button/straight hem of the jacket has a nice proportion. The jacket is also great in that it's versatile which you can play around with it. The...
if you go to Wicker Park, check out Apartment Number 9 (they carry Dries Van Noten, Margiela, Band of Outsiders, and more) if you go downtown at Oak street, there's a hidden gem called George Greene (they carry Yohji, Michael Bastian, McQueen, Arnys Paris, Issey Miyake, and more) Scoop NY at Milwaukee Ave. a new bigger Barneys at Oak/Rush St. Barneys Coop at Halstead Saks Michigan Ave carries Junya Watanabe, Comme Nordstroms Michigan Ave carries Marni, Marc Jacobs...
I was in a bar and overheard an old sticky rice telling his dilemma to his friends about how he hates having sex with his new white boyfriend who has a cock ring because it hurts his hemorrhoids. the sticky rice says " he go too fast like pow pow pow pow! " Now whenever I go to a chinese restaurant and see Kung Pao on the menu, I always remember old sticky rice saying " he go too fast like pow pow pow pow!" : (
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Waiting for the females while they buy their Louboutins: Rick Owens tshirt Rick Owens shorts Rick Owens sneakers SoCa, this photo looks cute. It looks like you're blowing bubbles with your camera. and the slit of your skirt looks sexy without revealing too much.
my beat up Marc Jacobs leather messenger bag from fall 2002 collection
maybe something like this? the pant is part of a suit by Michael Kors and the sweater is by Marc Jacobs. it's a light-weight wool and has a subtle light blue plaid pattern. I like it worn with a light blue shirt or a crisp white. as for details, orange or green ties and cognac leather shoes. Also, check the Marc Jacobs website and look at the Ryan McGinley ads. the grey color of the suit he is wearing looks cool too.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Jil Sander color block "suit" (with solid pique khaki pants) Jil Sander shoes Raf Simons sneakers Raf Simons shorts Raf Simons sleeveless blazer Raf Simons elastic back shirt Raf Simons speckle sweater Raf Simons cropped wool trousers nice color-block suit, soca. it's going to make you look less tall
Quote: Originally Posted by APK Sleeves are way too long. IIRC, that was a problem with your first fit, too. I like to hide my phat fingers...haha. you know what they say about guys with phat fingers... wink wink these pieces are from older MJ collections, circa 2002-2003. so I guess either I have worn them out or the ill-fittingness is a design element of the garments since MJ's earlier collections were inspired by vintage garments found in...
Marc Jacobs wool "drummer boy" jacket Marc Jacobs cashmere thermal sweater Ralph Lauren RRL jeans
Hello, it's my first post here. I'm wearing: Polo RL western shirt, Marc Jacobs cardi, J Crew chinos to go to the newly opened Barneys here in Chicago and to go see this movie 17 again starring Zac Efron, and oh I'm 30, by the way.
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