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Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Does everything have to be mind-blowing to be 'stylish'? Appreciate the finer points, there is more than what a single digital photo can bring you. The truth is, I created all of my ToJ clothes for the very kind of people who frequent styleforum, moreso here than even superfuture which I prefer as a style source; that is guys on the skinnier side, looking for insanely high quality fabric and construction, combined...
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one -Temple of Jawnz (TOJ) Cashmere and lambskin, pure silk-lined Varsity jacket -APC shirt -TOJ Shorts, Super 120's wool, beltless single pleat. I'm referring to this jacket by the way : )
this jacket is sweet. I love the fact that it's done in cashmere and lambskin soooo luxurious. since I also make some of my own clothes myself too, I know how laborious it is to make stuff so kudos to you.
socal y gosurface sweeeeet picture
soooooo sweeeeeet
went to a tapas bar last night and had some croquetas de jamon, grilled shrimp & octopus, paella, y a pitcher of sangria
eeeeeww, I just lost my appetite
I saw Star Trek and had dinner at an Italian restaurant by myself last night. it sucks dining alone
just make sure the item that you're planning to get repaired is worth the cost of bringing it to a reweaver. the cost of service by a reweaver is very expensive because of how meticulous the process of reweaving is
spem and rice
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