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I just got home from ribsfest. I ate: half a slab of ribs, bbq chicken wings, funnel cake, deep fried snickers bar, strawberry lemonade with chunks of fresh strawberries, an orange punch drink, a taste of my friend's Polish sausage
Strange thing happened to me this evening and I wanted to tell you guys about it because you might learn a lesson from it. So I saw this news feature on TV about 2 newly opened gourmet sandwich restaurants here in Chicago which I will call after the store's initials W&A (named after the owner's 2 dogs) and BK (a type of wood+kitchen). I decided to first try W&A because it was closer to Barneys Coop and I was planning to go there this evening to return a pair of Marc by...
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - noted Back to Topic Temp - 26c - 29c, same as yesterday.. Low clouds & will rain.. The wet season is upon us in HKG Days Agenda - Wednesday, usual meetings, lunch with team then fitting with Mystery.. Must get bigger windows.. Need more light This is all true to color.. I find that your recent fit photos don't shine as much without the smiling face : ( Bring sexy back!
a giant meatball w/ marinara and artichoke/spinach lasagna w/ alfredo
went out with my mommy today
Comme des Garcons jacket Polo RL polo shirt J Crew chinos Dsquared leather sneakers
I like Tartine in the West Village, it's traditional French bistro food, but they have great food preparation and always fresh. I also like the place and location very cozy especially during the summer when you can grab a table outside. Other than that dim sum in Chinatown.
the other 2 restaurants that I like besides mine is Ginza at Ohio & State St below the Tokyo Hotel. I like their ramens (3 different kinds: tonkatsu, shoyu, miso) sushi is fresh and no specialty makis here only the basics and they do it best. they also have selections of traditional Japanese dishes like teriyakis, tempuras, etc. the other is a BBQ place called Smoque but it's located far up the northside in Pulaski and I loooooove their ribs both St Louis and baby back,...
yeah, the prune color looks good to you now, but after a year...not so much. I like the original color because it's a neutral and will look good with everything. It also showcases the natural crinkly texture of the fabric better. The jacket is also quite It's got a utilitarian feel yet sweet and romantic feel to it.
I would buy the Lanvin in the original color (not prune) The Balenciaga looks like something you already own
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