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OMG, I've been so waiting for this thread for like some time now. I will participate My top 4 1. Marc Jacobs 2. Comme des Garcons 3. Polo Ralph Lauren 4. J Crew I'm not a label whore, but I just happen to like many of MJ's and CDG stuffs that I find on sale...YES!
I think it's unfortunate. From my experience shopping at Jake, I must commend them for their customer service. What they have to improve on, I think, is their inventory. They sell high end brands, but they choose the most basic or generic pieces from these brands like a black wool/cashmere V neck sweater for $600. I can get something like that from J crew. They sell so many boring $100 graphic tees that have uninteresting graphics by unknown brands, and fashion jeans....
3.1 Philip Lim designs a lot of good manbag styles for men. I like his recent calfskin leather totebags in moss green
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 Jcrew Rogues Gallery SF5EP Jcrew Looking directly at the camera. I love the hat
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 Well, good design and quality don't always go hand in hand. Case in point: Shades of Greige and Shipley & Halmos. Both these lines appear to have very good designers, but all their stuff is Made in China and the quality lags behind the level of the design. I'm sure the average Gap customer is about like most Americans who'd prefer a somewhat stylish (but ultimately bland) style and is not willing to pay extra for...
Quote: Originally Posted by dibadiba H&M dickshirt ann. d happy socks varvatos purcells it doesn't match your skin tone
Gap should really work on it's products. I noticed that the quality is getting worst and worst. even though they have high profile designers working for them.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Raf Simons terrorist punk 2001 scarf verrrrry bad taste...yucccckk
Quote: Originally Posted by NS88 Balenciaga biker jacket, AA grey tee, J. Crew scarf, Ksubi dee dee's. I love the color of the leather jacket
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