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I will, after tonight. and I wish you have a good life and God bless!
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Lechon is bitter because he doesn't have any fancy clothes. I believe he is the new 2sweet. fancy clothes doesn't mean anything in my life, bitch!
Quote: Originally Posted by jet This is an excellent proposition and one that I live by. You do realize you're on a fancy clothing forum...don't you??? Idiot. stupid animal!
Quote: Originally Posted by APK Both of you keep your god damn emotions out of this thread. We're trying to look at pictures of dudes and their outfits. You're making it weird. there's more to life than looking at guys wearing their outfits, stupid animal!
there's more to life than fancy clothes
pathetic people disgust me
it looks good . you're 17, Paolo. wear a fun tie
after reading about fellow SF members meeting up at Riccardo Trattoria here in Chicago, I decided to try the place. I had spaghetti carbonara
ooopsy, my bad my bad " that I purchased on sale...YES!"
Quote: Originally Posted by Davine I had much fun with the luisaviaroma sales so HERE is what I got: KrisvanAssche Sportjacket Dolce Gabbana faded black jeans and Marsell lace up low boots here´s the outfit: Me happy (although it might not look like it on the pic) very nice....YAY maybe a shot of color?
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