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Payment sent for the OCBD!
Anyone have the shawl collar coat in black and in size medium they are looking to sell? Please PM me!
I've purchased sale items and returned them because of sizing issues.
Just used whyzed for a proxy from Japan for an expensive item - excellent experience with complete transparency. Would definitely recommend whyzed and will use the service in the future.
Use one of the USPS envelopes if you can - I saved a considerable amount in shipping by not using the original box it was sent in.
I believe Veilance and Lemaire are included, but yes everything else worthwhile is not.
October Sale over at Forward. Some Schneider included. Use the app for an additional 15% off.
Anyone have a Gitman x OC turquoise daisy shirt in size M that I could buy?
Extra 10% off sale items at with JULY4TH, but annoyingly excludes many brands.
If anyone has one of the tees from Fall 2013 and willing to sell it, please do tell.
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