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Whereas most people's immediate thought is that of Mr Bond/Bowler-inspired hats/Emma Pill when thinking of "British style", my first thought is of Vivienne Westwood/punk/nwobhm/Malcolm McLaren. Clearly influenced by my preferred music genres. Quote: Originally Posted by grouchos_tash Well, this could have read "Being British is about driving a British-made car to an English pub for an English pint (or a glass of Scotch), then travelling...
Quote: Originally Posted by dshin Does anyone know who made/makes watches for tiffany's? Depends on the price range. Rolex has made a few sought after Tiffany's Daytona and Submariner, among others.
I'd look at Tissot.
I own a few Hugo Boss items; the only reason I buy them (assuming I find them discounted) is the fit. In fact, I only just got back from a quick trip to the US where I picked up a Hugo Boss suit at Saks - 40% off and very good fit made it hard to resist. For some reason, Hugo Boss suits and shirts fit me quite well. Quality-wise they are usually below what one should expect for the RRP but although this could very well be a factor for SFers not liking the brand,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bishop of Briggs Only if you are fat. I like my shirts (and suits) "fitted" and, at just over 65 kilos, calling me fat could lead to a rather interesting discussion on the theory of relativity.
My preference is Turnbull & Asser. Not the best value for money but I find the fit excellent. Good service, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS When looking at the whole ... I'd say NO ONE beats them ... not even Patek Philippe. Patek's finishing might be a few percentage points superior ... but in terms of JLC's inventions, design, technological abilities, etc. ... they win hands down. Patek even used JLC ebauches well into the 20th century. In your opinion, no one beats JLC. I must also admit, I fail to understand your comment regarding the...
That's an interesting dilemma... I think the Atmos might wear a bit big on my wrist though. Nice clocks, I would definitely buy one if I found myself in that situation.
Err... No. Apparently, it has stains and holes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Skip the vest and any tie/bow-tie. Just wear that shirt and whatever pants you've got. You're young - make it work. What the Moo said. Oh, and I agree with the guys that said only a member of this forum would tell you to go to a bird's birthday party wearing a bow tie.
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