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Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter oh, dats purdy Thanks Master-Classter--wish that opinion was more widely shared. Come on folks, take this off my hands! I don't need 7 navy ties
First and final price drop!
As the title states, I have a new and beautiful Zegna Su Misura suit for sale. It's a fully canvassed suit in solid charcoal with three buttons (that rolls nicely to 2.5) tailored in a Super 100's wool that has a really nice hand. Never altered, never hemmed, never worn! All the measurements seem to point to a somewhat trim 40R, as the key measuring points are nearly identical to a Ralph Lauren Purple Label 40R or a RLBL 40R suit. Asking $449 if paid by Paypal gift,...
Unaltered in the "the local tailor/dry cleaner hasn't touched it" sense. It's as is delivered from Zegna, unhemmed pants and all. I'm unfamiliar with Zegna, but you're probably right in that it's not quite the standard Zegna 40, which I hear is cut a tad roomy. I think this one is slightly trimmer, as all the big measurements points (chest, jacket waist, length, pants, etc) line up exactly with 40R suits from RLPL and Kiton. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Thanks guys. I'll have photos and measurements up by tomorrow evening. I'll PM you individually when it's posted. Hopefully the suit will work for one of you.
Gentlemen, Any interest in a solid charcoal Zegna Su Misura suit? Measurements are spot on for a 40R. Fully canvassed, 3 roll 2.5 button (very nice lapel roll), side vents, pleated pants. Asking price would be $449. I'll take photos and provide full measurement details if there is any interest. Thanks!
Up for sale is a Drakes of London tie, handmade in England out of woven silk in a classic navy with white pin dot pattern. Brand new with tags. The tie measures 8cm across the blade and is 147cm long. Conservative, classic, and very chic. It's the exact tie seen here: http://shoponline.drakes-london.com/...in%20spot.aspx The color and pattern in the picture on Drake's website is the closest representation of the actual tie. Comes with the original (untorn) tissue paper...
You can deduct 15% for VAT. For the ties on sale, it brings the price down from 55 to about 47 pounds. The website will automatically adjust for VAT once you enter a US shipping address. Drakes shipped my order via DHL overnight, which probably explains the 15 pound shipping charge. I've heard that some unlucky customers get hit with a customs fee, but I've never paid one in the dozen or so orders I've received from the UK. Incidentally, which ties are you...
Anyone know how long it takes Drakes of London to ship out orders? I purchased a few ties on Tuesday but have yet to receive a shipment confirmation email (though I did get a "order acknowledgment" email almost immediately). Just wondering if this was the norm or if I should contact customer service. Thanks!
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