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New in box, unworn RL Marlow shell cordovan penny loafers. $795 retail. Same as seen here: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=1812817 $450 plus shipping
Thanks. I think I'll go with my experience on this one. Two close friends and one family member that were analysts at Goldman at one time or another. All with generational wealth, you can call them republicans if you want, but I think that would just be stupid. One doesn’t dress like a slob, the other two…yikes. You could give them $10k to spend on an outfit and they’d manage to look like crap.
rich =/ well dressed
NWT Brooks Brothers ties: retail $75, my price: $25 shipped CONUS; overseas shipping will be extra. All are 100% silk, 3.5" wide, 57" long. Tie keeper loops have been marked to prevent store return. Photo 1: 1,2,3 Photo 2: 4,5,6 9&10 are 346 line. All the rest are from the main store: BB Makers, BB Makers and Merchants, BB Stain resistant.
I went to Recycled Rags in Corona Del Mar, CA this weekend. It's too bad I had to drive over 100 miles to get to such a poor area to go thrifting.
I'm not under 30.To the rest of SF: Is there a way to block certain people's posts? Aqualung has been on SF for two weeks and has posted 144 times. Every one of those posts has been a critique on another person's comment. He has added nothing and earned/retained no credibility. Rather than have to skip over his posts, I'd rather not see them at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Are you calling me black and doing so pejoratively? Call out the mods, this guy's raycess!!! Don't settle with "kid," why not just go all the way and call me "boy".
Player's Shoe is a shortwing, Sanderson is a longwing.
There are also athletes 1/2 your age that use better grammar and punctuation than you. Also, you're over 40 and use the term lol- nice.
My most complemented:   [/quote] These are simply awful
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