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While my initial inclination is to agree that slacks and a sportscoat would be fine, my second reaction is that there are going to be at least a dozen 13 year-old boys there, most of whom will be wearing a suit. I think if 13 year-olds will put on a suit, I myself will wear a suit. It doesn't have to be an interview outfit, but I would go with a suit.
If you appreciate your retinas, no.
Advice: You're too young to get married Worry about the suit later.
For the most part, Michael Kors watches look like cheap, bedazzled pieces of crap.
That's an option. If the consensus is that it is a good value, I would put it out there for a group buy. Mostly just preliminary thinking.
Does anyone have any experience with these: http://www.josbank.com/menswear/shop/Product_11001_10050_101503 This week they would be about $100 each. Decent deal, or am I wishful thinking/delusional?
Would you also find it safe to assume that he's an Aunt as well by that logic?
Why do the homunculi get offended, lash out, and call everybody fat? Do the you realize that there are tons of people that have 6-packs that wear larger sizes due to things such as muscles and/or bones; or are you just an angry, little man?
Found this a while ago and don't know what I have on my hands: Mario Ferretti suit made with 100% Loro Piana New Zealand Merino Super 130s wool. Tagged size 52/42, jacket is 3 button, dual vent, flap pockets. One vent is still basted shut. Pants are single pleated, uncuffed, lined to knees, rubber strip on inside of waistband. Looks absolutely brand new, came on a quality Mario Ferretti hanger.
Brooks Brothers Makers thin, lightweight 100% cotton (broadcloth I believe) dress shirt. Blue gingham buttondown, tagged 16-34, neck fits smaller, so please see measurements. Excellent condition. $25 Neck: 15.5" Chest: 24" Shoulders: 19" Sleeve: 24.5" Overall Sleeve: 34" Brooks Brothers Country Club non-iron buttondown. Very soft, upgraded non-iron fabric. Tagged size M/R (Medium/ Regular Length). Shirt has mother of pearl buttons, gussetted side seams, slim fit. ...
New Posts  All Forums: