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Hickey Freeman for Neiman Marcus Bespoke suit. Standard dark navy blue with mild gray pinstripes. 3 button jacket with double rear vents. Pleated, cuffed pants. Feels like a super 120s wool, this suit boasts a soft, all-season fabric. Condition is excellent, spot on the 5th picture is from the camera, not on the pants. Measurements Shoulders: 20" Chest: 23" Sleeve: 23.5" Length from bottom of collar: 30" Pants: Waist: 39" + 1" to let Inseam 28" + 1" to let. ...
Brooks Brothers Silver Label suit tagged size 44L. Gray with gray stripe, 3 roll 2 button front, center vent, flat front slacks with no cuff. Made in USA, consensus is that the Silver label suits are fully canvassed. Condition is excellent. Actual Measurements: Shoulders: 19" Chest: 22.25" Sleeve: 26.5" Jacket Length: 32.5" from bottom of collar Pants: Waist: 39" + 1 to let Inseam: 32" + 2.5" to let
Found these at thrift stores, thought they were too good to pass up, would love to trade them for something that fits. Please PM if you have any interest. Majer 100% cashmere navy blazer. 3 roll 2, two button cuffs, center vent, very soft, great lining. I suppose it measures to about a size 39/40R. Chest: 21" Shoulders: 17.5 Sleeve: 24 +.5" Length from bottom of collar: 29.75" Land's End unstructured, partially lined cotton jacket. 3 button, dual rear vents, ticket...
Hmm, I don't believe the correct way has yet been posted. I'm waiting for Iroh's guide- either Iroh or Jim Cramer.
I'm going to guess this wasn't at a temple in McLean, because my temple is ~10 minutes from the heart of McLean and I'd venture to say that over half the men don't wear yarmulkes, even on the high holidays.
8 NWT Polo and RLPL ties, all under $15, all ending tonight:
Being a size 62 is extremely unhealthy.
While my initial inclination is to agree that slacks and a sportscoat would be fine, my second reaction is that there are going to be at least a dozen 13 year-old boys there, most of whom will be wearing a suit. I think if 13 year-olds will put on a suit, I myself will wear a suit. It doesn't have to be an interview outfit, but I would go with a suit.
If you appreciate your retinas, no.
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