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Great Ben Sherman jackets, wish you could get them in a size L!
Well I don't think that all BB shirts are cut with such a large neck. I'm wondering if it is just their Golden Fleece line. I was surprised to find the neck so large on these shirts, as usually I wear a 16.5 neck in BB shirts. I tried on a 16.5 and was shocked at how much extra room there was, so I sized down to a 16 and found this was my regular fit. Quote: Originally Posted by intent Bastards! So all this time my shirts are "15.5" shirts...
2 NWT BBGF dress shirts. The tags say 16-35, but the neck measures 16.5 on each shirt. I'm told the neck will shrink 1/4 inch. Both have contrast collars and cuffs, both have huge and thick natural pearl buttons. Shirts are $65 ->$55 each. Shirt 1 is a great non-iron cotton, by far Brooks' softest non-iron material Shirt 2 is a superfine cotton, very lightweight, feels very comfortable and breatheable. The color on this shirt seems just a tad bit...
Prices Dropped
prices dropped again
Prices Dropped
Quote: Originally Posted by randob300 Thigh measurement on the RLBL? On the RLBL the thigh is 13 inches at the crotch, 9.5 inches at the knee, and 9 at the hem.
Quote: Originally Posted by laughwithm3 Is the RLBL pants from whosurdaddy? Nope, I actually picked up 3 pair myself. Looks like they're the same pants though. I'm loving them thus far!
1. Brooks Brothers wool flat front pants 34 waist, unhemmed. Color is a very dark blue with somewhat feint pinstripes. Back of the waistband has a notch/vent. There is a small blemish on the back of the pants waistband, but it would never be seen because it would always be 100% covered by a belt. $40 shipped. The first picture gives the most accurate representation of the color. 2. Ralph Lauren Black Label flat front pants tagged 34 waist, unhemmed. Color...
Removed sold shirts.
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