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bah, double post
Your ebay store is full of Wrangler jorts?
My best recent finds: All availableBB Donnegal Tweed 44RMajer 100% Cashmere Blazer ~42R [[SPOILER]] Hackett 42R [[SPOILER]] Faconnable Tagged LT - Large Tall, ~44L Goat Suede elbow patches! [[SPOILER]]
It's less morally reprehensible to spell racist terms correctly than to misspell them.
The word is "gypped".
This suit is exactly my size. I'm 6'0" and 185 pounds. I guess I'm a big guy now. This guy is 6" 185 lbs too...huge
Vintage Florsheim Imperials 12 EEE. Damn near new condition: Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Slim Fit shirts. One 16.5-32 going for less than $6! Lots of Brooks Brothers shirts, lots of low prices:...
Price drop to $75- it's now an official steal.
Like new, great cotton, all beautiful iridescent MOP buttons. Size 15.75, hidden buttondown collar. 22.5" chest.
If you're interviewing with David Stern, go with the 4 button; otherwise go with the 3.
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