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3DS XL owners should buy Etrian Odyssey 4 immediately. One of the best games this year.
Absolutely nothing wrong, of course. But a good game matters more. My top three games last year were Hotline Miami, The Walking Dead and Spec Ops: The Line. The first could be run on my netbook, the second on an iPad, the third, only a console or PC. It doesn't make a difference.I buy all the consoles and portables because if there's a game with an interesting idea or mechanic, it's worth playing.
If a system has a single good game on it, it was worth the release. The hardware doesn't matter, the games do.
All I can say about ESO is that the content is great. Cough.
And Gnomoria. It's a less-intimidating Dwarf Fortress god-like game where the world is broken down like Minecraft.
Similar, but the encounters/level design isn't as well thought out as the ones in Uncharted 2. The platforming and exploration is superior to that of Uncharted, but there's not much of it during combat. The bow and cover mechanics are very good (no button cover, you just go into cover/crouch during any combat). Stealth is a bit awkward/easy, but it gives decent choices for encounters.I wish there was more puzzling ala Tomb Raider 1, but that's me wanting a different...
Tomb Raider is pretty decent, but it doesn't play to its strengths. Too much combat, not enough platforming on the critical path. The open world is more for item collection than survival. Metal Gear Rising/Revengeance is proof that Platinum is the best action game makers in the world right now. The parrying system, the encounter and enemy variety, the QTEs that simply integrate normal controls... brilliant stuff. Fire Emblem: Awakening, just like XCOM, has an...
It's excellent. Smartly streamlined, has a lot of good lessons learned from the SRPGs released over the years. The cover system alone is excellent and innovative mechanic for the genre.
Buy the game, use this: Wii controller isn't all that essential for it.
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