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Which one? The car salesman one? The +1 one? The I wanna know one? I am not sure what they have to do with me quoting the one I quoated...
I actually think that double monks often go better with suits than single monks. The only reason for which I do not wear my only double monks with suits is that they are suede double monks, and I do not wear suede with suits (all my suits are worsted wool suits).I saw a very nice dark brown leather pair of C&J double monks and was going to buy it, but unfortunately the last was clearly wrong for my feet.
Obiously you can wear pretty much everything (or anything),but I guess that the OP was asking for things that may look good. I think that the texture of a lot of denim almost calls for suede.
Seriously, I do not find the OP's shoes so terribly awful. They certainly do not look like quality shoes, and I would not wear them with a suit, but as casual gear, they are not too bad. I think that Bally may have things like that. Overpriced, of course, not very nice leather and probably bad construction, but if you like it, with the 50% off that is often given during sales, it will not be too bad. And Bally sometimes have things without visible logos.
+1.I personally like to wear suede with jeans. Suede derby laceups, or monks, or double monks (yes), and, in the cooler part of the year, brown chelseas.Or suede sneakers.
For me bowtie with lounge suit is typical German: I see it quite a lot there, and a lot of people seem to pull it off quite well. But I agree with what a lot of posters have said above: it really depends on who and how you are. And maybe on where you are.
Zegna Sport. Nice cloths and colours, and their 307 (I think it is) model tends to fit me well. Actually, lately, I think that the only stuff I buy at Zegna is jeans.
I am 49 and still feel that they look dated. And ugly.
Most of my spring/summer sportcoats are quite casual linen blend stuff. I wanted something more "formal", yet versatile... Obviously, there was the navy blazer option. Just that I cannot help finding the navy blazer with metal buttons quite unattractive. And with horn buttons, even more so; just too orphaned. The other day I went to see my tailor and going through the books, I saw this Ermenegilo Zegna cloth, wool with a bit (15%?) of silk, dark blue and black small...
It seems like this guy is wearing my donegal sport coat... Is it brown? Regarding the scarf, I was thinking more in terms of these kind of open weaves, I don't know the correct term. Something more casual and spring-like.
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