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Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Strike lint roll +1 also, for clarity, would at least one pair of your trousers qualify as office pants? i believe this to be crucial.
can't speak for technical tweed, but can vouch that musto makes arguably the best sailing foul weather gear out there, leading me to believe they have their "technical" fabrics figured out.
cleans are much harder to learn, as shown by how approximately 94.63% of people do them incorrectly. although they involve scapular retraction, it is isometric and therefore probably not as beneficial for postural training and not as good for, as you seem to desire, developing teh latzorz. BOR's and pendlay rows are pretty sweet and pretty easy to learn. if you are going to do one, I would do pendlay rows.
Quote: Originally Posted by ranker Can anyone else comment on the quality/construction/fit of the shoes, specially the black captoes? I've got the medallion captoes, they are very nice. very slightly larger through the toe than I expected, but check the sole measurements and make your own decision. quality seems very good, especially for the price.
sole measurements?
I depends. Shin splints on the very front of your shin can be fixed with stretching, ice, and exercising the tibialis anterior (the muscle on the front of your shin) by doing things like walking around on your heels, without letting your toes touch the ground. stretching the calf also helps. shin spints on the inside of the shin are much harder to get rid of. However these are usually caused by excess supination so I dont think this is the case with you. Be...
you sure those are blaked? look like goodyear to me...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I think you are thinking of Veblen Goods. I think they don't exist in real life, or so I remember from when I studied them. Giffen Goods are something different, and they don't really exist either, apart from maybe rice in China. This is correct. Giffen goods are a sub-group of "inferior goods," which have a very special consumption pattern (theoretically) driven by more than just price ie. income and...
just got my cashmere V from whusurdadi, quick invoice, shipment (international), and delivery. measurements were true, item very nice. highly recommended.
Quote: Originally Posted by laughwithm3 anyone know how long are the sleeves for these kind of isaia shirts? +1
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